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Braille - The IV Vide
MessagePosté: Jeu 03 Avr 2008, 04:23

Braille - The IV SYN018CD


1. Beautiful Humanity – beat by Ohmega Watts
2. Submission Hold – beat by Shuko
3. Calculated Risk featuring Mr. J Medeiros (Procussions) and Manchild (Mars ILL) – beat by The Are
4. The IV featuring Rob Swift – beat by Marco Polo
5. Main Squeeze – beat by 88 Keys
6. Remember Your Path featuring Rob Swift – beat by Staffro
7. Constantly Growing featuring Speech (Arrested Development), Surreal and Sojourn – beat by DJ Spinna
8. Blessed Man – beat by S1 (Strange Fruit Project)
9. Many Stories featuring Barry Hampton – beat by Barry Hampton
10. Raise the Dead featuring Poems (LA Symphony) – beat by J-Thrill
11. Double Dose – beat by Mr. Mar of the Stieber Twins
12. Counter Attack featuring Theory Hazit and DJ Idull – beat by OhNo
13. Mental Guards (Snitch Blade) – beat by Aetoms
14. Get it Right featuring Ragen Fykes – beat by Kno (CunninLynguists)
15. Restless – beat by M-Phazes
16. The Cure – beat by K-Murdock (Panacea)
17. Bonus track
18. ADDvice featuring DJ Bombay – beat by J-Zone

Portland, Ore. rapper/entrepreneur Braille has assembled an amazing team of guests for his third album, The IV Edition.

Set to drop April 15 on Syntax Records (with distributon from Koch Entertainment), The IV Edition features spots from former Procussion J. Medeiros, Rob Swift, Speech from Arrested Development, Theory Hazit, and Manchild from Mars ILL. Producers include Ohmega Watts, the Are from K-Otix, Marco Polo, 88-Keys, DJ Spinna, S1 from Strange Fruit Project, Oh No, Kno from Cunninlynguists, K-Murdock from Panacea, and J-Zone.

Crazy lineup from a relatively unknown rapper, right? To top things off, Braille -- who shares the Portland group Lightheaded with rappers Othello and Ohmega Watts -- will jump on this year's Warped Tour with Othello. Either Braille has made a backpacker masterpiece, or he just hired an incredible manager.

The "IV" in The IV Edition stands for international vision. Musically, much like Lightheaded's work, Braille's album promises to blend Christian and socio-political beliefs with bright, positive beats. The track listing for The IV Edition is below.

“The underground hip-hop base is a lot bigger than people think it is,” says Braille in a press release. “Sometimes when people think of the word underground, they think of basement albums that just get dubbed on tape. So I’m sticking to my roots. I believe that the audience for lyricism and good hip-hop is much larger than most people assume. I wanted to start with the hip-hop base and take it from there.”

Voici le nouvel album d'un emcee de Portland que j'écoutais beaucoup vers 2000/2001. Comble : 7 ans après, me voilà sur son album, entouré de compositeurs plus ou moins reconnus ( "ça fait plaisir" evidemment ) . En ce qui concerne le morceau lui même, c'est pas vraiment une preuve de technicité flagrante, mais il joue terriblement bien son rôle : facile d'accès, melo accrocheuse, beat classique, simplicité dans la construction. Braille a bien tué l'instrumental, le refrain reste en tête direct et le texte exprime un esprit plus que conscient et positif. Pour résumer, du classique dont la forme n'est pas trop classique comparé au reste de l'album. à écouter avec attention.

edit : une ptite review made in billboard
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Braille - The IV Vide
MessagePosté: Jeu 03 Avr 2008, 09:47

Citation :
compositeurs plus ou moins reconnus

Marco Polo
DJ Spinna
Ohmega Watts

plus les bons petits featuring... bien cool! cheers
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Braille - The IV Vide
MessagePosté: Ven 04 Avr 2008, 10:34

faut que j'ecoute sa ;-)
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Braille - The IV Vide

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